PLC Base Control Panel
Digital Electrode Regulation
The whole system of EAF/LHF can be equipped with PLC control system. There are a variety of configurations available that allow tailoring the system to your specific need.
The Advantage of the PLC System Includes
  • One single programmable logic controller can easily run many process.
  • Consumption is greatly reduced because a PLC consumes less then a bunch of relays.
  • Compare to conventional process control system, No. of wire needed for connection is reduce by 80%.
  • Today's programmable logic control memory is getting bigger and bigger. This means that we can generate more and more contacts, coils, timers, sequencers.counters and so on.
Imagine what icy would be like to have so many things in one panel.
  • In old days, with wired relay type panels, any program alternations require time for rewiring of panel and devices with PLC control any change in circuit design or sequence is as simple as retyping the logic correcting errors in PLC is extremely short and cost effective.
  • Change in operating Sequence or application of a PLC controller to a different operating process can easily be accomplished by replacing a program through a consol or using PC software (Should not requiring change in wiring, unless additional of same input or output device is require.
  • A PLC base control panel can be tested and evaluated in a lab. The program can be tested, Validated and corrected saving very valuable time.
  • Visual observation can be seen on the screen. Hence troubleshooting a circuit is ready, quick, easy & simple.
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