HMI (Human Machine Interface)
Digital Electrode Regulation
PLC Base Control Panel

Human Machine Interface aim at a better Human –machine interaction. Any automation system is said to be blind without HMI. HMI gives the ability to the operator, and the management to view the plant in real time. Add to that the ability to have alarm management that can warn the operator of a problem. It can even log and print all the alarms in real time, which can help the management to improve the production and efficiency.

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Today there exists many Human Machine Interface software’s that could be used to monitor, supervise, and control process. What we are presenting here is just an overview of what could be achieved with most of these software’s.

So what are the main functionalities of an HMI. Well the HMI’s main functionality is to monitor, supervise, and control processes. HMI software provides the process knowledge and control needed to perfect the products companies make and the process they manage. It is said that a control without an HMI is a blind control.

Human Machine Interface can display texts, pictures, bar graphs, bitmap and animated pictures. More importantly it can also display System messages, reports, alarms, trends and manipulate string values and calculate Boolean operations and more complex math operations. This flexibility reduces the task that the PLC.

More and more manufacturing designers are recognizing the benefits of using Human Machine Interface to control and to operate their controls.
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