Digital Electrode Regulation
PLC Base Control Panel
Completely integrated solution for fully automatic electrode control with artificial intelligence, for sustainable improved melting
  • Optimized melting performance and resource efficiency - due to dynamic control parameters and a reduction of specific melting power.
  • High user-friendliness and flexibility - thanks to graphical input of all control parameters and integrated control of the safety and bypass valves via the HMI
  • More performance and transparency due to signal monitoring of all main parameters and control functions as well as a melting report system with over 100 electrical parameters.
  • Longer service life of your plant together with lower life-cycle costs avoiding hot spots on the furnace leads to a reduction in electrode consumption and reduced maintenance effort

Advantages are as under ¬

  • Guaranteed high performance and safe operation under all working conditions.
  • Powerful arc to reduce the melting time.
  • Operation in optimum working point due to easy adjustment and diagnosis support result in :
    1. Reduction of power on time
    2. Reduction of Specific electrode consumption
    3. Reduction of specific energy
    4. Reductionof refractory wear
  • Easy integration and installation due to manifold interfaces.
  • Access to operating dates for evaluation and tuning.
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