Induction Furnace Spares
Electric Arc Furnace-EAF/LRF
Ladle Refining Furnace (LRF)
EAF Control & Visulization System
Sub-Assemblies for EAF/LRF
Accessories for EAF / LRF
We provide complete range of induction equipment for reliable operation of induction furnaces.

Induction furnace Crucible & Parts:

1) Complete induction furnace crucible - Cage type & aluminium frame type

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2) Induction coils

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3) Insulation for induction coil

4) Hydraulic cylinders for lifting and tilting stands

5) Top-Bottom insulation blocks

6) Water-cooled cable.
Made of electrolytic grade copper rope & end terminals to suit coil & busbar connections.

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7) Rubber hose & Hose accessories

8) For water-cooled cable & other cooling requirements of induction furnace.

9) Changeover clamps for switching power from one crucible to another.

10) Induction power supply & control panel components:

  • Metering & High/Medium frequency CT & PT
  • Grounding choke
  • DC filter circuit choke
  • Snubber Capacitor
  • Snubber Diod
  • Thyristors
  • Fuses.
  • Heat Sink.
  • Resistance Box.
  • Di/Dt Reactor coils.
  • Bran ermetto type fittings of all sizes
11) Hydraulic system components:
  • Tilting cylinders.
  • High pressure flexible hose pipes.
  • Cylinder seal kits.
  • Hydraulic Pumps.
  • Directional control valves.
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